Welcoming Resolution


WHEREAS, the United States of America, from its inception, has been a nation of immigrants, young and old, seeking refuge from war and persecution; and

WHEREAS, immigrants and their descendants founded, built and cherished the town of Brunswick and for more than two centuries have lived in
liberty and under the protection of the rights guaranteed by our nation’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, and laws; and

WHEREAS, immigrants have come to America seeking opportunities and rights not attainable in their countries of origin, including the freedom of speech and assembly, the right to worship as their conscience dictates, the freedom to love the partner of their choosing, the opportunity to receive education, earn a living, and pass on these rights to their children; and

WHEREAS this nation’s immigrants have woven the social, cultural, political, scientific and economic fabric that serves as the foundation of our country; and

WHEREAS, America and the world have seen that individual or systemic acts of intolerance toward others engender only further hostility, discord and destruction of lives; and

WHEREAS, our inclusive rainbow of unique, creative, diverse, and tolerant individuals and business owners define the very essence of the town of Brunswick; and

WHEREAS, the town of Brunswick supports the civil liberties and human rights of all people without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, gender identity, ability, citizenship or immigration status, and will not deny services to any individual based upon these criteria

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the town of Brunswick welcomes immigrants and all new residents and visitors to our community, and supports their paths toward citizenship, recognizing the extraordinary efforts and resilience of the individuals who move to our community under the most difficult of circumstances, and who face barriers including unfamiliar language, culture, and divisive political rhetoric.

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