Brunswick is now a Welcoming Town

We at Sanctuary Brunswick are pleased to share the good news that Brunswick Town Council passed our Welcoming Resolution on Tuesday, February 20. Brunswick is now a Welcoming Town with the stated intent of:

“Welcoming and supporting the successful integration of immigrants into our community as it also seeks to deepen the sensitivity of our citizens to the challenges faced by our newest neighbors. The Town Council will help create and support efforts to meet those challenges and encourage a sharing of cultures and concerns that will raise awareness and appreciation of the gifts contributed by all to enrich our community.”

In the next months we will be planning opportunities for learning about our new neighbors and getting to know them. This will include celebrations with food and music from immigrant cultures as well as community discussion of why it is that people around the world are fleeing their home countries. We want to be open to discussion of what role U.S. foreign policy may play and to considering new ways of interacting with the governments of other nations.

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